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In the project "Pathways to the Future" a group of researchers from the Institute of Sociology at the University of Vienna study the life course of adolescents in Vienna. We focus on young people who graduated form a "Neue Mittleschule" (lower secondary school). The study contains a qualitative and a quantitative strand. The aim is a wholistic analysis of life chances of adolescents from their own perspective. Specifically, we are interested in transitions after finishing obligatory schooling, integration in education and work, social inequality, options and constraints, social relations and well-being. From a methodological angle, I reflect on ...

the practical implications of qualitative and quantitative interviews with this special population, age and method effects as well as longitudinal analyses.
As a member of the steering group and PI of the 1st quantitative wave (together with Jörg Flecker and Franz Astleithner) and the 2nd qualitative wave of data collection (with Ulrike Zartler), I am involved in key decision regarding content and methodology as well as the implementation thereof.

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