titel social research methologyCollecting multiple perspectives data (e.g. from related individuals) in a qualitative longitudinal design can provide rich understanding of the dynamics at play in complex relational systems, and the different perceptions of people involved. However, such approaches are inherently challenging due to the complexity and volume of data

During the past two decades mixed methods and multi method research (MMMR) has become an established empirical approach within a broad spectrum of social science disciplines. The integration of quantitative and qualitative methods is a growing research area and MMMR-Designs are increasingly acknowledged as a powerful strategy alongside traditional mono-method approaches. However, this positive development has been accompanied by several issues.Firstly, the popularization of MMMR has led to a considerable expansion of methodological concepts and terminologies.

https://www.beltz.de/fileadmin/beltz/productsfine/9783779933045.jpg In Autumn 2015 Beltz Juventa published the book "Interviews mit Kindern führen: Eine praxisorientierte Einführung" (Conduciting Interviews with Children: A Parctical Guide). The book offers a practical introduction to planing and conducting interviews and focus groups with children. From a multidisiplinary perspective, I outline verbal, cognitive and

Seit Oktober 2014 bin ich als Post-doc Universitätsassistentin men submenam Institut für Soziologie der Universität Wien im Fachbereich Familie - Lebenslauf - Generationen tätig.

Fähigkeiten von Kindern in InterveiwsDer Aufsatz "Children's Verbal, Interactive and Cognitive Skills and Implications for Interviews" wurde in Quality & Quantity 49(1), S. 319-338 in print veröffentlicht und ist hier men submen zum Download verfügbar


Child respondents challenge social scientists because their verbal, interactive, and cognitive skills are

Our paper 'The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The roles, agendas and relations of altruistic economic actors' has been accepted for publication in "The Journal of Social Entrepreneurship'. The paper can be accessed on :

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Social entrepreneurs present a contradiction if one accepts that economic motivation is premised on personal gain alone.  In our understanding of the economic activity of social entrepreneurs we presume they are altruistic actors, their actions intending to primarily benefit others. 

A paper on modeeffects in semi-structured interviews with children has been published in 'Sociological Methodology' 43(1). In this paper telephone and face-to-face interviews are compared in order to analyse the general applicability of telephone interviews and their peculiarities when researching children. The results showed very little difference between the two modes of interview and therefore challenge the reluctance to conduct semi-structured telephone interviews, both in qualitative research and with children.


I have been awarded the "Preis der Eichstätter Universitätsgesellschaft für hervorragende Abschlussarbeiten" [Price of the Universitarian Society Eichstaett for excellent dissertation] for my doctoral thesi on semi-structured telephone and face-to-face interviews with children aged 5, 7, 9 and 11.

'children skillQuality & Quantity' has published a paper on 'don't know' responses of children in semi-structured interviews. Based on theoretical considerations of causes for 'don't know' responses in interviews 112 interviews with children at the age of 5 to 11 were analysed taking account of the context. Using innovative categories interessting age effects could be found. The results do not only allow for insights into 'dont't know responses and communication in qualitative interviews but also (within some limits) in more standardised interviews.

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tatort-familie22012 Springer VS published an extended new edition of the book "Tatort Familie: Häusliche Gewalt im gesellschaftlichen Kontext" by Lamnek, S./Luedtke, J./Ottermann, R./Vogl, S.

Theme of the book is physical, psychological and sexual forms of domestic violence against children, parents, women and men. We focus on the history of identifying domestic violence as a social problem and various reactions. Cultural and historical context has been taken into account when analysing and attempting to explain domestic violence. The discussion is supported by results from own studies.

Alter MethodeMy doctoral thesis and its defense are concluded with distinction ('summa cum laude') at the University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt.

The topic of the dissertation is: "Alter & Methode - ein Vergleich persönlicher und telefonischer Leitfadeninterviews mit Kindern". [Age & Method - a comparison of qualitative interviews face-to-face and on the telephone with children'] The book with the same title is published by VS Verlag Wiesbaden.

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